Piezo-elektrische materialen en hun toepassingen

Materials Mechanics Precision-technology
Mikroniek 5/6-1990 by M.Breuning 27 April 2006

Ferro-electricity and the piezo-electric effects are briefly described. Natural materials having such proporties are mentioned. But the main attention is given to the relatively young, man-made piezo-electric ceramic materials and (PZT: lood-titasaat-zirkonaat) the different shapes in which they are available. The most recent development of these is the multilayer configuration. The dynamic behaviour is briefly mentioned. Its application in vibrating systems for various purposesdiscussed. Finally a number of different, well known as well as recently developed, applications is surveyed.


Order of frictions and stiffnesses…

For lumped systems consisting of different frictions and stiffnesses, there has been confusion in literature about hysteresis curves and virtual play for many decades.

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Make it clean

In mid-April, the second edition of the Manufacturing Technology Conference and the fifth edition of the Clean Event were held together, for the first time, at the Koningshof in Veldhoven (NL).

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Bringing particles to light

Particle contamination monitoring and cleanliness control are fundamental to micromanufacturing processes across diverse industries to achieve cost-effective production of high-quality and reliable microscale devices and components.

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