DSPE-Conference 2023

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The DSPE-Conference 2023 was a great success. See news item.

We expect to organise it again in 2025. If you want to be informed in time about the date send an email to info@dspe.nl

“Inspiring, a warm bath, reunion, high quality program, great experts in our high tech country, relaxed, pleasant, open atmosphere, fun, nice mix of industry/university in broad field of mechatronics, perfect, very open and informal way to exchange knowledge and network, well planned, great networking opportunities via breaks and social event, good to meet fellow technical people and share information”, were some of the remarks of earlier editions.

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We are proud to announce the fifth DSPE conference on precision mechatronics, which will take place on September 26-27 at the inspiring conference location De Ruwenberg in Sint Michielsgestel, The Netherlands.

This conference – by & for technologists, designers and architects in precision mechatronics – is targeted at companies and professionals that are member of:

  • DSPE
  • Mechatronics Contact Group MCG
  • Mechatronic Systems Knowledge Exchange MSKE
  • Brainport Industries
  • System Architecture Study Group SASG
  • Selected companies/academia

Areas of interest

Include (but are not limited to): pm-stability, disruptive technologies & approaches, additive manufacturing, topology optimization, new materials, design principles, sensors, actuators, metrology, imaging technology, thermal design, vacuum & contamination, motion control, dynamics & acoustics, reliability, energy efficiency, machine specs vs. user needs, new business, value creation, open innovation.

Rethinking the system

The theme ‘Rethinking the system’ is inspired by current global issues like sustainability, prosperity, the footprint of our modern society and scarcity of energy and resources. Common awareness is growing, that to enabling a bright and healthy future, we should rethink current systems of manufacturing, consuming, and discarding. It is encouraging to see a growing amount of initiatives to search for novel manufacturing methods, alternative resources, energy savings and refurbishments. As a result, system boundaries in which companies are operating, are shifting and their business models are changing. In this transition, Precision Mechatronics can play an important role, not only by enabling research and development of novel technologies, but also by reflecting on System Architecture thinking.


The target group of the DSPE Conference includes technologists, designers and architects in precision mechatronics, who, through their respective organisations, are connected to DSPE, the mechatronics contact groups MCG and Mechatronic Systems Knowledge Exchange MSKE, System Architecture Study Group SASG, or selected companies and research/educational institutes.

In addition to paper and poster presentations and demos, the conference will provide the ideal setting for networking, technical discussion and sharing the enthusiasm of working in this challenging field. With three guest speakers, 21 oral presentations and a large number of posters and demonstrations, as well as a social event, the 150 or more participants will be given plenty of food for thought, discussion and networking.