List of Certified Courses

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CPE courses
Course (content partner) CPE points Provider
Mechatronics system design - part 1 (Mechatronics Academy) 5 HTI
Mechatronics system design - part 2 (Mechatronics Academy) 5 HTI
Design principles (Mikrocentrum) / Constructieprincipes voor precisietechnologie (Mikrocentrum) 3 MC
System architecting (Systems & Software Academy) 5 HTI
Design principles for precision engineering (Mechatronics Academy) 5 HTI
Motion control tuning (Mechatronics Academy) 6 HTI
Metrology and calibration of mechatronic systems (Mechatronics Academy) 3 HTI
Actuation and power electronics (Mechatronics Academy) 3 HTI
Thermal effects in mechatronic systems (Mechatronics Academy) 3 HTI
Summer school opto-mechatronics (DSPE/Mechatronics Academy) On Request 5 HTI
Dynamics and modelling (Mechatronics Academy) 3 HTI
Extended dynamics and modelling (5 day incompany course) (Mechatronics Academy) - NEW - 5 HTI
Summer School Manufacturability 5 LiS
Applied optics (T2Prof ) 6.5 HTI
Advanced optics (Mikrocentrum) 6.5 MC
Machine vision for mechatronic systems (Mechatronics Academy) 2 HTI
Electronics for non-electronic engineers – basics electricity and analog electronics (T2Prof) 6 HTI
Electronics for non-electronic engineers – basics digital electronics (T2Prof) 4 HTI
Modern optics for optical designers - Part 1 (T2Prof ) 7.5 HTI
Modern optics for optical designers - Part 2 (T2Prof ) 7.5 HTI
Tribology (Mikrocentrum) 4 MC
Basics & design principles for ultra-clean vacuum (Mechatronics Academy) 4 HTI
Experimental techniques in mechatronics (Mechatronics Academy) 3 HTI
Advanced motion control (Mechatronics Academy) 5 HTI
Advanced Feedforward Control (Mechatronics Academy) 3 HTI
Advanced mechatronic system design (Mechatronics Academy) 6 HTI
Finite element method (Engenia) 5 ENG
Design for Manufacturing – Design Decision Method (Schout DfM) 3 SCHOUT
Green Belt Design for Six Sigma (Holland Innovative) 4 HI
RF1 Life Data Analysis and Reliability Testing (Holland Innovative) 3 HI
Passive damping for high tech systems (Mechatronics Academy)          - NEW -   3 HTI

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Participants will receive CPE points for the courses mentioned above and become a Certified Precision Engineer.

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Course providers

Mikrocentrum, Engenia, LiS Academy and the High Tech Institute (HTI), Schout DfM and Holland Innovative are our course providers.





Content partners

The High Tech Institute (HTI) acts as the central booking office for a number of independent training content providers, such as:

- Mechatronics Academy

- Systems & Software Academy








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