NEWS 25 April 2024

Rotating MagLev sample manipulator

In synchrotron beamlines, samples are analysed, while precisely positioned in the X-ray beam.

Current systems typically use a set of stacked stages based on piezo or stepper motors. To enable higher throughput and performance, MI-Partners has developed a magnetically levitated sample stage. The stage can be controlled in six degrees of freedom (6-DoF), with an infinite rotation around the vertical axis (z-axis) and a stroke of 3 mm along the x-, y- and z-axis. The stage is based on a novel electromagnetic actuator and positioning metrology system. This Mikroniek article presents its development and relisation. (Image courtesy of MI-Partners)


DSPE appoints Martin van den…

Upon his retirement from ASML, Martin van den Brink was appointed honorary member of DSPE.

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High-velocity innovation

Making crucial design decisions early in the concept phase of a project, may lead to severe cost and time overruns when these decisions are based on assumptions and/or incomplete knowledge.

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Hybrid variable-reluctance actuator technology on-sky

Astronomers use deformable mirrors to improve the image of a telescope by correcting for the optical distortions caused by atmospheric turbulence.

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