NEWS 7 February 2024

Lunch lecture March hosted by TU/Delft

Stinging success: drawing parallels between wasps and needles

The ovipositor of a parasitic wasp is a long (±5mm) and thin (30-50µm), needle-like structure used to lay eggs inside wood. Using a smart mechanism, the wasp can steer and position the ovipositor inside solid substrates like wood without buckling. Inspired by the anatomy of wasp ovipositors, we have developed medical needles with a diameter below 1 mm capable of self-propelling through tissue with an external push force near zero. In a new prototype that is currently under development, we aim to extend the self-propelled needle with steering capabilities.

Speaker: Jette Bloemberg, PhD Candidate TU Delft, Mechanical Engineering

This lecture will start at: March 4 on 12:02pm (Teams digital and only for members of the DSPE)

Please send an email to if you are interested in this Lunch lecture.


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