NEWS 1 November 2022

Passive damping optimisation using transmission ratios and mode shapes

A broad range of mechanical engineering techniques, from smart design principles to advanced motion control, is available for achieving dynamic performance.

Somewhere in the mix, however, the field of passive damping is often overlooked. This article attempts to extend the understanding of mechanical engineers towards thinking in terms of dynamics and mode shapes. To that end, analogies between stiffness and modal mass in terms of transmission ratios and their effect on system performance are presented in this Mikroniek article. This may provide insight, not only for where to place passive dampers, but also more generally into how a control system ‘feels’ the different vibration modes. (Image courtesy of Kees Verbaan, NTS)


Techcafé December 8

In Dutch: Uitnodiging eindejaarsspecial van het Techcafé. Is Additive Manufacturing alleen geschikt voor prototypes of moeten we kansen voor de productieomgeving niet onderschatten?

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YPN visited Nikhef in the…

On November 24, YPN visited Nikhef and it was a great success. Nikhef is an institute that researches and develops scientific instrumentation, mainly for particle accelerators in Switzerland.

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Wim van der Hoek Award…

Prize for better measurement of gravitational waves. During the 21st edition of the Precision Fair, held this year in Den Bosch for the second time, the Wim van der Hoek Award was presented under the auspices of DSPE (Dutch Society…

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