NEWS 28 February 2023

Mikroniek February 2023: High-Tech Systems

The February issue of Mikroniek is devoted to the theme of High-Tech Systems. It starts with the condensed version of a whitepaper about ROS2 motion controllers for mobile robot navigation.

Other theme articles feature the application of Machine Learning in a mechatronic context, and an update on developments in additive manufacturing, as presented, among others, at the Formnext late last year. Also in this issue, an obituary of Piet Schellekens, the Eindhoven emeritus professor of Precision Engineering who died last month.

Click here for a first impression. (Image: PM)


Access to cleanliness – symposium…

Contamination control is critical for the operation of high-end manufacturing equipment.

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Techcafé on working together as…

Philips Research, the once famous NatLab, was a breeding ground for unexpected ideas and solutions. Innovation was stimulated there as people from different disciplines could spontaneously meet and catch up.

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How a course pushed the…

Working as a particle accelerator engineer at Argonne National Laboratory, Curt Preissner ran into the limits of their design philosophy.

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