NEWS 8 September 2022

A lensless approach to EUV and soft X-ray microscopy

Semiconductor features such as transistors used in computer chips have reached the nanometer scale, yet metrology tools still have to follow the advances in the industry to study this new generation of chips.

Short-wavelength microscopy using extreme ultraviolet (EUV) light or soft X-rays could offer a solution, but it is not compatible with conventional imaging optics. This Mikroniek article presents a lensless microscope built by researchers from Delft University of Technology. It uses coherent EUV light to make an image at the scale of 100 nm. With further refining of this technique, they expect to drastically improve the resolution, possibly down to wavelength scales. (Image courtesy of Sven Weerdenburg, TU Delft).


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Design strategies for large range flexure mechanisms

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Sustainability – ASML adopts a…

ASML has established the House of Re-use. To contribute to a circular economy model, fewer new parts are designed and the re-use of used parts is increased with a goal of more than 95 percent of re-used parts in 2025.

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Preserving precision in PEEK printing

Bond3D’s unique 3D-printing technology has vastly expanded the application scope of PEEK.

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