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22 Feb 2024 The Netherlands

Techcafé: Materialen, functionaliteit, kosten en maakbaarheid

Het Techcafé is de centrale ontmoetingsplaats voor professionals in de hightech- en maakindustrie.

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5 Feb 2024 The Netherlands

Lunch lecture February hosted by Hittech Multin

Production tooling and a qualification framework.

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1 Feb 2024 The Netherlands

YPN visits Kulicke & Soffa

The next YPN company visit will take place at Kulicke & Soffa, located in Eindhoven, on Thursday 1st of February 2024.

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7 Dec 2023 The Netherlands

YPN visits Demcon

The next YPN company visit will take place at Demcon High-tech systems, located in Best, on Thursday 7th of December 2023

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7 Dec 2023 The Netherlands

Techcafé: Voor baanbrekende research en innovatie is samenwerking essentieel

De plek om ongedwongen nieuwe contacten op te doen en onder het genot van een borrel en een bitterbal te sparren over…

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4 Dec 2023 The Netherlands

Lunch Lecture December hosted by TU/e, ASMPT

Model-Based Modular Redesign with System-level Guarantees

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16 Nov 2023 The Netherlands

Wim van der Hoek award 2023

The Wim van der Hoek Award is awarded to promote and stimulate precision mechanics and the design of mechanical structures.

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15 Nov 2023 The Netherlands

Ir. Davidson award 2023

The prize aims to encourage young talent and is intended for a young precision engineer who has worked for some years in…

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6 Nov 2023 The Netherlands

Lunch Lecture November hosted by Nobleo

Design, validation, and implementation of a negative stiffness mechanism using magnets

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2 Nov 2023 The Netherlands

DSPE Knowledge Day about ‘Engineering for Cryogenics

Cryogenic mechanisms for the Extremely Large Telescope.

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26 Oct 2023 The Netherlands

YPN visits TNO Delft

The next YPN company visit will take place at TNO Optomechatronics, located in Delft, on Thursday 26th of October 2023.

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2 Oct 2023 The Netherlands

Lunch lecture October hosted by TU Delft

Design strategies for large range flexure mechanisms

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26 Sep 2023 The Netherlands

DSPE Conference 2023

We are proud to announce the fifth DSPE conference on precision mechatronics, which will take place on September 26-27 at the inspiring…

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14 Sep 2023 The Netherlands

Techcafé about Contamination Clean

Techcafé is in the Dutch language. Dit is het Techcafé. Het is dé plek om ongedwongen nieuwe contacten op te doen én…

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6 Jul 2023 The Netherlands

Martin van den Brink award 2023

For the best contributor in precision engineering from both system architecture and business develoment perspective.

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15 Jun 2023 The Netherlands

Tech Day Demcon Eindhoven (partner event)

Do you want to know what it’s like to work on technologically complex challenges such as automatically customized respiratory ventilation in critical…

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Access to cleanliness – symposium…

Contamination control is critical for the operation of high-end manufacturing equipment.

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Techcafé on working together as…

Philips Research, the once famous NatLab, was a breeding ground for unexpected ideas and solutions. Innovation was stimulated there as people from different disciplines could spontaneously meet and catch up.

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How a course pushed the…

Working as a particle accelerator engineer at Argonne National Laboratory, Curt Preissner ran into the limits of their design philosophy.

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