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13 Jun 2022 The Netherlands

Demcon Lunch lecture June

Breaking the power density world record. How to irradiate a target with an extremely high power density, while cooling it with liquid…

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12 May 2022 The Netherlands

Industrial Sustainability Congress 2022 by the House of Technology

The House of technology organizes an interactive conference on May 12 2022.

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9 May 2022 The Netherlands

DSPE Lunch Lecture May 9 hosted by MI-Partners

Automated Sub-micron Accurate Optical Fiber Alignment for Photonic Applications

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4 Apr 2022 The Netherlands

Lunch Lecture April hosted by Hittech Multin

Optomechanical design of a robust Echelle spectrometer

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24 Mar 2022 The Netherlands

YPN visits Prodrive Technologies

There is a new date! Unfortunately we had to cancel the company visit at Prodrive Technologies due to the pandemic in January…

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7 Mar 2022 The Netherlands

Lunch Lecture March 7 hosted by Nexperia ITEC

Iterative learning control enables a next breakthrough in die bonder throughput Nexperia ITEC constantly strives to improve throughput and lower the cost…

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7 Feb 2022 The Netherlands

Lunch Lecture February 7 hosted by TMC Mechatronics

From side project to start-up: developing a situational awareness robot. Sita Robotics believes that the lack of information should not be the…

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17 Jan 2022 The Netherlands

Lunch Lecture January hosted by NTS – Group

“Verification and manufacturability of robust mass damping (RMD)” ynamical performance of undamped tuned mass dampers (TMD) is sensitive to mistuning, both in…

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6 Dec 2021 The Netherlands

Lunch Lecture December 6 hosted by Sioux Technologies

“Hope for the best but prepare for the worst” End-stop design challenges in Mechatronic Systems   DSPE Lunch Lecture December 2021 By…

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23 Nov 2021 The Netherlands

Knowledge Day Engineering for Contamination Control November 23 2021

On 23 November DSPE will organize the Knowledge day Engineering for Contamination Control. This DSPE event is organized in collaboration with VCCN…

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15 Nov 2021 Germany

4th Gas Bearing Workshop Düsseldorf

The Gas Bearing Workshop is aimed at creating a platform for the gas bearing community. Experts, scientists, research engineers, users and manufacturers/vendors…

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11 Nov 2021 The Netherlands

Precision Fair 2021

About the PRECISION FAIR The Precision Fair has been the most important annual meeting point for precision technology professionals for the last 20 years.…

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1 Nov 2021 The Netherlands

Lunch Lecture November hosted by NTS-group

Experimental validation of forced flow cooling Speaker; Bart Koolmees System Lead Engineer at NTS-group As in most projects when hardware is realized,…

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4 Oct 2021 The Netherlands

Lunch Lecture October hosted by VSL National Metrology Institute

Nanowire systems show great potential as energy harvesting devices to create small amounts of electrical power and as electrode material for hydrogen…

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27 Sep 2021 The Netherlands

Course Opto – Mechanical System Design (registration no longer possible)

After 2 succesful editions we organise a third course 27, 28 and 29 September in 2021. The course focuses on the mechanical…

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CryoEM zero-vibration cold tip

In life-sciences research, cooling biological samples of, for example, proteins, viruses and bacteria to extremely low temperatures facilitates new forms of microscopy.

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Decreasing stiffness at the cost…

Minimising power dissipation is critical for applications in cryogenic environments.

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Dances with foils

In-line interferometry of nanometer-scale profiles in flexible electronics has been developed for application on a moving flexible foil.

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