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Everything is accessible from the menu bar. At the top of the website, a searchbar is implemented that searches the full content of the site.


Adding content

We want to encourage visitors to add as much information as possible to this site. Only then will this be an up-to-date platform for those in the field of precision engineering. For security reasons posting via the website is disabled for now. But feel free to send us an email at info@dspe.nl. Your contributions are very much appreciated. Please keep the following in mind:


  • REGULATIONS: please observe copyright restrictions. See disclaimer.
  • FILES: when adding a file it should be smaller than 1 MB, except for large articles for the knowledgebase.
  • EDITORIAL BOARD: each added item is only placed after approval of the editorial board of this site.
  • MAINTAINANCE: All items in the database are evaluated for their relevance after 5 years. They can be removed or moved to a different location on the website.

Our Address

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High Tech Campus 1

5656 AE


PO Box 80036
5600 JW Eindhoven