Submicron accuracy in stent manufacturing

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Mikroniek 2009-5 by Ken Hetrick 14 June 2011

Today’s technological advancements usually fall into one or more of three categories: more features, faster, and/or smaller. Medical devices are not immune to rapid technological change and, in fact, are pushing the envelope, as it has become extremely important to improve time to market, throughput, and tolerances. An interesting example is the manufacture of stents, where manufacturing tolerances have actually reached the submicron level. In addition, because these devices will be inserted into human arteries, they must be free of grooves and burrs and also must be completely hygienic.


DSPE appoints Martin van den…

Upon his retirement from ASML, Martin van den Brink was appointed honorary member of DSPE.

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High-velocity innovation

Making crucial design decisions early in the concept phase of a project, may lead to severe cost and time overruns when these decisions are based on assumptions and/or incomplete knowledge.

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Hybrid variable-reluctance actuator technology on-sky

Astronomers use deformable mirrors to improve the image of a telescope by correcting for the optical distortions caused by atmospheric turbulence.

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