How to save over $ 100 mln per year on lithography cost?

Electronics Fysics Manufacturing
Mikroniek 2009-3 by Bert Jan Kampherbeek and Marco Wieland 13 June 2011

Maskless electron beam lithography has emerged as one of the contenders for IC manufacturing. MAPPER’s high-throughput solution provides 10 wafers-per-hour exposure units on 1 m2 for 22 nm and beyond. This article will explain how such an approach will save IC manufacturers over $ 100 mln per year on lithography cost.


DSPE appoints Martin van den…

Upon his retirement from ASML, Martin van den Brink was appointed honorary member of DSPE.

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High-velocity innovation

Making crucial design decisions early in the concept phase of a project, may lead to severe cost and time overruns when these decisions are based on assumptions and/or incomplete knowledge.

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Hybrid variable-reluctance actuator technology on-sky

Astronomers use deformable mirrors to improve the image of a telescope by correcting for the optical distortions caused by atmospheric turbulence.

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