Additive manufacturing of miniature parts

Chemical technology Fysics Manufacturing
Mikroniek 2010-5 by Bart van de Vorst and Henk Buining 8 April 2012

Technologies for additive manufacturing, such as microstereolithography, are becoming ever more suitable for the production of high-resolution miniature parts. The designs can be complex and production can take place directly. These techniques are easily applicable for product development and can help speed up introduction to the market. TNO Science and Industry and Materials innovation institute M2i in the Netherlands carried out a knowledge transfer project on microstereolithography with pilot companies, the results of which will be presented during a Precision-in-Business day in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, on 18 November.


DSPE appoints Martin van den…

Upon his retirement from ASML, Martin van den Brink was appointed honorary member of DSPE.

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High-velocity innovation

Making crucial design decisions early in the concept phase of a project, may lead to severe cost and time overruns when these decisions are based on assumptions and/or incomplete knowledge.

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Hybrid variable-reluctance actuator technology on-sky

Astronomers use deformable mirrors to improve the image of a telescope by correcting for the optical distortions caused by atmospheric turbulence.

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