NEWS 1 November 2022

Updating DDP, a joint venture of academia, industry and DSPE

An initiative to produce updated design principles for precision mechatronics has been developed by Dutch universities of technology in association with DSPE, in close collaboration with the Dutch high-tech industry.

Building on the legacy of Wim van der Hoek, the Dutch doyen of design principles, the aim of the initiative is to collect over 100 cases that demonstrate the proper application of contemporary design principles. The cases will be presented on a dedicated website and collected in a new textbook, preceded by an extensive, in-depth introduction of the design principles. This Mikroniek article presents the initiative along with a case example, concerning the over-actuation of wafer stages. (Image courtesy of ASML).


Techcafé December 8

In Dutch: Uitnodiging eindejaarsspecial van het Techcafé. Is Additive Manufacturing alleen geschikt voor prototypes of moeten we kansen voor de productieomgeving niet onderschatten?

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YPN visited Nikhef in the…

On November 24, YPN visited Nikhef and it was a great success. Nikhef is an institute that researches and develops scientific instrumentation, mainly for particle accelerators in Switzerland.

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Wim van der Hoek Award…

Prize for better measurement of gravitational waves. During the 21st edition of the Precision Fair, held this year in Den Bosch for the second time, the Wim van der Hoek Award was presented under the auspices of DSPE (Dutch Society…

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