NEWS 16 June 2022

This is the Techcafé about Systems engineering

In the second edition of the Techcafé on July 7 we zoom in on the challenge surrounding Systems engineering.

Theme: Systems engineering Design issues are becoming increasingly complex within the high-tech and manufacturing industry. Multidisciplinary design teams, shorter lead times and major technological challenges are just a few examples of this complexity. Not only the system architects, but especially the project participants are increasingly challenged to switch between levels of abstraction, such as use cases, system requirements, and system concepts.

Although systems engineering is becoming increasingly well-known for the large manufacturing companies/OEMs, we see that the SME is still little involved in it.

On July 7, Mikrocentrum will open its doors at its location in Veldhoven together with DSPE from 15:30 to 18:00 for the second edition of the Techcafé. Our host Maart Roos will talk to a number of experts to zoom in on systems engineering. What is system engineering and why will it only become important for the entire manufacturing industry in the coming years. These questions and more will be covered,

Our guests are:

  • Twan de Wit, Proces Manager Systems Engineering (Brainport Development)
  • Frank de Lange, Systems Engineer (ASML)
  • Ton Peijnenburg, Manager Systems Engineering (VDL ETG)
  • Maarten Bonnema (University of Twente)

A Techcafé should of course not be missing in the clubhouse for the high-tech and manufacturing industry. It is the place to make new contacts in a casual way and to spar about tech topics while enjoying a drink and bitterbal.

If you would like to join the next Techcafé please click here.

Listen here to the sound recording of the previous edition.


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