NEWS 30 March 2022

This is the Tech Cafe

New event! DSPE and Mikrocentrum are organizing this event together on April 28. This first edition of this informal meeting starts at 15:30 at its Veldhoven location.

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A Tech Cafe should of course not be missing in the ‘clubhouse’ for the high-tech and manufacturing industry. It is the place to make new contacts in a casual way and to spar about tech topics while enjoying a drink and ‘bitterbal’.

The first Tech Cafe edition focuses on the Robot’s quest for the high-tech and manufacturing industry

We immediately kick off the first Tech Cafe with a quest, namely that of the robot for the high-tech and manufacturing industry. Sit down with one of the five experts present and together discuss questions such as:

  • Why do you choose a robot?
  • What does it take to integrate a robot into a production environment?
  • How can a robot quickly adapt to changing tasks?
  • What can self-learning robots do for you?

The experts you can meet in the Tech Cafe

  • Heico Sandee, Smart Robotics (CTO and founder)
  • Mark Stappers, Fontys University of Applied Sciences (teacher/researcher)
  • Wouter Kuijpers, Eindhoven University of Technology (program officer)
  • Martin van der Have, ABB Robotics (sales & marketing manager)
  • Ph.D. candidate (to be announced)

The Tech Cafe is a joint undertaking of DSPE and Mikrocentrum.

Date 28 April, 15:30-18:00 h

Location Mikrocentrum, De Run 1115, 5503 LD  Veldhoven

Joining this event click here


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