NEWS 14 December 2023

Reaction force cancellation without a balance mass

In many precision machines with an internal motion stage, the requirements for throughput and accuracy pose conflicting demands on the system design.

This Mikroniek article shows that active vibration isolation systems can be used to cancel the reaction forces of a motion stage placed on the payload while simultaneously isolating it from the floor. This cancellation is done in a feedforward manner, and system uncertainties and changes can be tracked by making the feedforward adaptive. The experimental validation shows that it is possible to almost completely remove the part of the payload acceleration that is correlated to the stage motion and the floor acceleration, over a wide frequency band. (Image courtesy of UT).


First ECP2 Silver certificate lays…

Recently, the first ECP2 Silver certificate was awarded. ECP2 is the European certified precision engineering course programme that emerged from a collaboration between euspen and DSPE.

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DSPE appoints Martin van den…

Upon his retirement from ASML, Martin van den Brink was appointed honorary member of DSPE.

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High-velocity innovation

Making crucial design decisions early in the concept phase of a project, may lead to severe cost and time overruns when these decisions are based on assumptions and/or incomplete knowledge.

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