NEWS 23 January 2023

Optomechatronics Symposium 2023 March 30

This symposium is intended for engineers and architects participating in or interested in the design and building of optical hardware. It is a great moment to network, to meet technical peers, and to visit the expo.

The event takes into account innovations, latest developments in optomechatronics, and practical insights for engineers and designers.

Earlier editions of this DSPE symposium were held in Delft (2015), Aachen (2017), and Eindhoven (2019). Symposium partners are Mikrocentrum and the German photonics cluster Optence.

Target group:

Engineers and architects strongly related to design and building of optical hardware.


Innovation, latest developments in optomechatronics shall be of practical use for engineers and designers. Design process from physics to practical solution/product.


Investment €195,00 excl VAT. Members of DSPE, Mikrocentrum and Optence €175,00 excl VAT, PHD €75 excl VAT.


Mikrocentrum, De Run 1115, Veldhoven.

Please send an email to if you would like to join this Symposium.

Organisations are invited to exhibit.

Exhibition stand during symposium, space 8m2, electricity and standing table. We show your company logo on this website with an URL link.

Investment: € 450.00 excl VAT. 

€50 Reduction if you are member of Optence, Mikrocentrum or DSPE.

Standcrew need to register. Costs are €195 or €175 per person.

Exhibit information: Location Mikrocentrum, De Run 1115, Veldhoven

Contactpersoon: Julie van Stiphout, T +31(0)654308703, M


Frank Schuurmans (Vice President Research at ASML)

Invited speakers

• Stefan Kuiper (Mechatronic System Architect at TNO)

• Wim Coene (Professor at TU Delft, Research Director at ASML)

• Christian Buß (Head of R&D Alignment Turning Systems at TRIOPTICS GmbH)

• Andreas Biermanns-Föth (Head of Business Section Photon Instrumentation, EUV/XUV Systems at RI Research Instruments GmbH)

• Sander Hermanussen (Doctoral Candidate Control Systems at TU/e)

• Tobias Müller (CTO and Co-founder at AIXEMTEC Gmbh)

• Cor Ottens (System Architect at ASML)

• Michiel van Beek (Senior Group Lead Physics & Optics at Sioux Technologies)

• Andrew Boyd (Optical Design Capability Lead at Excelitas Technologies St Asaphat)

• Stefan Obermaier (Functional & Application Engineering (SMT-XEEM) at ZEISS Sparte Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology)

More information about this symposium click here


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