NEWS 8 September 2022

Mikroniek September issue: Metrology & Timekeeping

The cover story is about lensless microscopy using coherent diffractive imaging.

The September issue of Mikroniek, click here for a first impression, is devoted to the theme of Metrology & Timekeeping. Other theme articles include accurate timekeeping using atomic clocks, applications of silicon-based coompliant mechanisms in mechanical watches, and sensor technology in coordinate measuring technology. Henny Spaan, owner of IBS Precision Engineering, discusses metrology trends in precision manufacturing. Also included a report of the (non-virtual!) euspen Conference 2022 and a preview of the parts2clean 2022 fair dedicated to the precision cleaning of industrial parts and surfaces. Please send an e-mail for information on how to obtain a hardcopy. (Cover image courtesy of Sven Weerdenburg, TU Delft)


Fourfold ECP2 Bronze

This summer, four people were awarded a Bronze certificate from ECP2, a European certified precision engineering course programme that is a collaboration between euspen and DSPE.

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Measuring (the refractive index of)…

Measuring nanoparticles becomes increasingly important in healthcare, pharmacology, and environmental sciences, but measuring and obtaining relevant information from single nanoparticles requires cutting-edge technology.

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Minimising spherical aberrations

Temperature-controlled optical profilometry has historically been a difficult procedure due to imaging issues caused by spherical aberrations.

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