NEWS 16 December 2022

Mikroniek December 2022: Green Precision

The December issue of Mikroniek is devoted to the theme of Green Precision. It features articles on motion energy harvesting, nuclear-fusion plasma monitoring and direct air capture of CO2.

In addition, the final post in the series on the life and work of Wim van der Hoek concerns his views on the economic impact and social responsibility of the mechanical designer. Besides an article on the design of the Beam Conditioning and Diagnostics System for the ELT Laser Projection System, this issue – click here for a first impression – also runs reports of the DSPE Knowledge Day Molecular Contamination Control and the Precision Fair 2022. To conclude, the Rien Koster and Wim van der Hoek Award ceremonies are covered. (Image: Shutterstock)


Techcafé about Predictive maintenance

February 9 at Mikrocentrum. This event is organized in Dutch

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Call for abstracts DSPE Conference…

The organizing committee invites you to submit a short abstract for a 20 minutes presentation and publication in the conference proceedings. Note that due to the limited number of presentations, it may be necessary to change the status from paper…

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Optomechatronics Symposium 2023 March 30

This symposium is intended for engineers and architects participating in or interested in the design and building of optical hardware. It is a great moment to network, to meet technical peers, and to visit the expo.

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