NEWS 23 April 2023

Mikroniek April 2023: Sensors & Actuators

The April issue of Mikroniek is devoted to the theme of Sensors & Actuators. DSPE president Hans Krikhaar kicks off playfully in his editorial, with turning the Ramses Shaffy hit, “Zing, vecht, huil, bid, lach, werk en bewonder”, into a smart metrology version: Sense, collect, analyse, learn, improve, act and admire!

The first theme article extends the inertial match principle, widely used for actuator selection, to applications where the payload is subject to a constant force (such as gravity) or friction. Other features include a nanomeasuring and nanopositioning machine/platform for nanometrology, and a fibre-optical sensing approach to measuring ground reaction forces in running-specific prostheses. Click here for a first impression. (Image courtesy of RI Research Instruments)


May 30 DSPE Knowledge day…

Please be invited to the upcoming DSPE Knowledge Day at Settels Savenije Eindhoven.

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Lunch lecture May hosted by…

Precision in roll -2- roll electronics

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YPN visited Kulicke & Soffa…

The Young Precision Network (YPN) - part of the DSPE community - organises events for young professionals and students. On Thursday February 1st, YPN organised a visit to Kulicke & Soffa in Eindhoven.

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