NEWS 23 April 2023

Measuring ground reaction forces in running-specific prostheses

Although running-specific prostheses (RSPs) already allow amputee sprinters to run almost as fast as able-bodied sprinters, new ways of measuring these prostheses are still being developed to help amputee sprinters run even faster.

In the project described in this Mikroniek article, a measurement system for RSPs was developed that is able to measure the ground reaction forces (GRFs) while sprinting. It uses Fiber Bragg Grating sensors to measure the strain in the prosthesis, from which the GRFs can be calculated. The measurement system was shown to hold up under the wear and tear of a sprinter’s environment, while also recording valuable data for athletes. (Image courtesy of Tijmen Seignette, TU Delft)


YPN visit IBS precision engineering…

We will visit IBS Precision Engineering, located in Eindhoven. IBSPE has been helping customers address unique problems for over 30 years. With their expert knowledge in metrology, they understand the true meaning of ultra precision engineering.

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Lunch Lecture June hosted by…

Development of a Fully Autonomous Tractor for Sustainable Agriculture

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Report of the successful DSPE…

Last month, the DSPE Optomechatronics Week 2023 was a great success. Preceded by a fully booked three-day Optomechanical System Design course, the DSPE Optomechatronics Symposium on Thursday 30 March attracted about 100 participants.

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