NEWS 9 April 2024

May 30 DSPE Knowledge day theme: Beyond nanometrology

Please be invited to the upcoming DSPE Knowledge Day at Settels Savenije Eindhoven.

On May 30th, DSPE organizes a knowledge day on the topic ‘Beyond Nanometrology’. Speakers from industry will present real-life cases to show how to account for such factors, and even make them work for you!

This is an excellent opportunity for professionals in the nanometrology to come together and share their knowledge, experience, and research findings.

As technology progresses, requirements for the next generation of high tech systems and instruments become ever more strict. At the nano-scale, new physics comes into play. Accuracy of measurements becomes limited by factors such as the wavelength of light, finite stiffness of materials, and temperature becoming a statistical phenomenon rather than a bulk property.

This DSPE Knowledge Day will feature keynote speakers:

  • VSL | Walter Knulst | Interferometry for subnanometer drift displacement in opto-mechanical devices
  • Settels Savenije | Edward Dams | Optical module with accurate rotation; design and realization
  • Thermo Fisher | Koos den Hollander | Metrology challenges when measuring on a nanometer scale
  • Nearfield Instruments | Mark Boerema | High Throughput, Angstrom Precision Metrology for Advance Semiconductor Chips manufacturing
  • MI – Partners | Theo Ruijl | Magnetically Levitated 6 DoF Controlled Sample Manipulator for Tomography


13:00hWelcome with coffee and tea
13:30hOpening by Settels
13:45hPresentation 1 | VSL
14:15hPresentation 2 | MI – Partners
14:45hPresentation 3 | Thermo Fischer
15:45hPresentation 4 | Nearfield Instruments
16:15hPresentation 5 | Settels
16:45hGuided Tour | Drinks
18:00hDinner (not included)


Settels Savenije, Achtseweg zuid 211
5651 GW Eindhoven
The Netherlands

We are confident that this knowledge day will offer a platform for attendees to learn from experts in the field and engage in discussions. We encourage you to join us and participate in this exciting event. We look forward to meeting you and exchanging ideas that will advance the field of engineering.

Please register your attendance by sending an email to

We look forward to seeing you there.

Organisation committee: Kasper van den Broek (VDL ETG), Wouter Jonker (TNO) and Julie van Stiphout (DSPE)


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