NEWS 2 March 2023

Marc Gritter new boardmember YPN

Since I will be joining the board of YPN to work together with Matthijs and Maurits, I would like to introduce myself to you. I’m Marc Gritter, a 27 year old mechanical engineer at IBS Precision Engineering.

I was born in Alkmaar, but slowly moved further and further to the south of the Netherlands. Robotics and complex machinery have always fascinated me, so I moved to Delft and studied mechanical engineering. There I got introduced to precision engineering where the technology is pushed to the limits. From that point on, I knew that there was no escape for me and that I had to be part of this sector. I moved to Tilburg and started working at IBSPE.

Beside the technical stuff that comes with the job, I really like being among, and meeting new people. In the technical branch, socializing and networking is sometimes not regarded as that important. But getting to know others and learning from each other can be a lot more fun and efficient than reinventing the wheel yourself every time. That is why I was part of the Taylor board during college, our Masters’ study association. I helped organizing events such as lunch lectures, company excursions, networking events and study trips. Now I got the opportunity to do the same for YPN, so I am looking forward to continue helping others network, socialize, and gain knowledge at the same time. I hope to see you all in the upcoming DSPE events, and especially the young professionals at the events YPN will be organizing!

Marc Gritter

Marc Gritter


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