NEWS 12 September 2023

Lunch lecture October hosted by TU Delft

Design strategies for large range flexure mechanisms

Flexure mechanisms (or elastic elements) use elastic deformation to achieve motion, which results in highly repeatable and lubricant-free systems. A drawback is their limited motion range due to design trade-offs between stress, dynamic/stiffness performance and build volume. In this talk, new strategies to increase this motion range will be presented, including movies of different demonstrators.

Speaker: Jelle Rommers (supervisors Volkert van der Wijk and Just L. Herder)

Affiliation: TU Delft

This lecture will start at: October 2 on 12:02pm (Teams digital and only for members of the DSPE)

Please send an email to if you are interested in this Lunch lecture.

Sneak preview: New spherical flexure joint designs (compliant mechanisms)


Lunch lecture October hosted by…

Design strategies for large range flexure mechanisms

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Sustainability – ASML adopts a…

ASML has established the House of Re-use. To contribute to a circular economy model, fewer new parts are designed and the re-use of used parts is increased with a goal of more than 95 percent of re-used parts in 2025.

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Preserving precision in PEEK printing

Bond3D’s unique 3D-printing technology has vastly expanded the application scope of PEEK.

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