NEWS 5 September 2022

Lunch lecture October hosted by MTA group

Microsurgical robot MUSA3 – a collaboration between Microsure and MTA

Microsure has successfully created a CE marked microsurgical robot, MUSA2, a limited edition which is now being deployed in hospitals for (pre)clinical trials.

Based on initial customer feedback, Microsure has decided to engage with MTA for development of a next generation system, MUSA3.

Apart from improved functionality and workflow, a lot of emphasis is being put on aspects like manufacturability, testability and serviceability.

In this presentation we will give a sneak preview into some design optimizations being made for MUSA3.

The speakers will be:

  • Dick Dijkkamp: CTO Microsure
  • Richard van Lieshout: CTO MTA

We will start at 12:02pm on October 3 2022

Please send an email to if you are interested in this Lunch lecture.


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