NEWS 4 April 2022

Demcon Lunch lecture June

Breaking the power density world record. How to irradiate a target with an extremely high power density, while cooling it with liquid metal?

Conventionally, medical isotopes are produced in old nuclear reactors. In the framework of the SMART project of IRE, Demcon designs the heart of the factory for a ground-breaking alternative production method (the LightHouse technology). For this new method, a target is irradiated with a 3MW electron beam and extracted to produce the medical isotope Mo-99.

Such a large and complicated factory is in general hard to realize without a proper demonstrator. We will show how a proof of principle setup is built, that shoots a 30 kW electron beam onto a very small liquid metal-cooled target. With this extreme power density, we broke the world record.

The speakers will be: Yves Lenaerts and Gerard Oosterwegel

We will start at 12:02pm on June 13 2022

Please send an email to if you are interested in this Lunch lecture.



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