NEWS 13 January 2023

Lunch Lecture February hosted by KNS Liteq

Design, Integration and Calibration of a Wafer Edge Protection Module in Lithographic Equipment

The LITEQ500 is a lithographic tool dedicated to the Advanced Packaging process. In addition to the main system functions to expose patterns on a wafer, other dedicated wafer edge processing functionalities have been developed. These wafer edge processing modules are typically used to create a circular pattern on the outer circumference of the wafer. This pattern enables an electrical contact on the edge of the wafer that is needed in the plating process to grow copper on the wafer surface.

The speakers will be:

  • Jeroen de Boeij, System Architect / R&D manager, KNS Liteq
  • Peter van der Krieken, Application Engineer, KNS Liteq

This teams meeting will start at 12:02pm on February 6 2023

Please send an email to if you are interested in this Lunch lecture.


Techcafé about Predictive maintenance

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Call for abstracts DSPE Conference…

The organizing committee invites you to submit a short abstract for a 20 minutes presentation and publication in the conference proceedings. Note that due to the limited number of presentations, it may be necessary to change the status from paper…

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Optomechatronics Symposium 2023 March 30

This symposium is intended for engineers and architects participating in or interested in the design and building of optical hardware. It is a great moment to network, to meet technical peers, and to visit the expo.

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