NEWS 10 November 2022

Lunch Lecture December hosted by Philips Engineering Solutions

Plant zero dynamics, zero errors, zero compromise, with application to medical X-ray systems

How to move a heavy load accurately and quickly? A heavy load in combination with a limited drive-train stiffness results in load positioning performance dominated by zero dynamics (= dynamics caused by plant zeros). Although servo errors are small, severe vibrations at the load occur. This is exactly what has been observed at medical X-ray systems.

In this talk, various solutions to address zero dynamics are considered. The most suitable solution reduces the vibration by an order of magnitude without compromising the total duration of motion and settling.

The speaker will be: Dennis Bruijnen, Principal Technologist Control&ML, Philips Engineering Solutions

We will start at 12:02pm on December 5 2022

Please send an email to if you are interested in this Lunch lecture.


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