NEWS 6 March 2023

Lunch Lecture April hosted by Sioux

Spatial Gaussian process repetitive control for suppressing spatial disturbances in an industrial substrate carrier.

Repetitive control (RC) can perfectly attenuate time-domain periodic disturbances. In practice, disturbances are often position-domain periodic, e.g., cogging in a motor or an eccentric roller that rotates with a varying velocity, see Figure 1. Traditional RC cannot compensate for these disturbances and may even amplify them.

Figure 1 Example of an eccentric roller that can generate a spatially periodic disturbance.Figure 2 Generic substrate carrier and experimental setup.

A spatial RC approach is developed that compensates for disturbances that are spatially periodic. A non-parametric position-domain buffer consisting of a Gaussian Process (GP) is employed in RC, see Figure 3. The method is successfully applied to a substrate carrier system (Figure 2) where it compensates for roller imperfections that induce spatially periodic disturbances.

Figure 3 Simplified representation of the developed spatial GP RC framework.

The speaker will be: Noud Mooren System Engineer Sioux

This lecture ( only for members of the DSPE) will start at: April 3 on 12:02pm (Teams digital)

Please send an email to if you are interested in this Lunch lecture.


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