NEWS 19 December 2021

If you can’t stand the heat

Strictly speaking, the SMART project (Source of MedicAl RadioisoTopes) is not Big Science, but the collaboration of over 25 re-search institutes and high-tech companies working on a revolutionary technology for the production of radioisotope 99Mo is definitely impressive.

The technology comprises a large electron accelerator and huge irradiation and extraction facilities. At the heart of the system is a match-box-sized target that is irradiated by a 3-MW electron beam. Alongside the radiative load on the target and exposure unit, the heat load on the target is among the key challenges of the SMART project. This Mikroniek article describes the development by Demcon of an ‘exotic’ solution: cooling with liquid sodium. (Image courtesy of IRE).


CryoEM zero-vibration cold tip

In life-sciences research, cooling biological samples of, for example, proteins, viruses and bacteria to extremely low temperatures facilitates new forms of microscopy.

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Decreasing stiffness at the cost…

Minimising power dissipation is critical for applications in cryogenic environments.

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Dances with foils

In-line interferometry of nanometer-scale profiles in flexible electronics has been developed for application on a moving flexible foil.

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