NEWS 7 July 2023

Henny Spaan honoured with the prestigious Martin van den Brink Award

On july 6 Henny Spaan - founder and CEO of IBS Precision Engineering - was honoured with the prestigious Martin van den Brink Award, presented by Martin van den Brink himself, during a gala dinner initiated by the Dutch Society for Precision Engineering (DSPE) and held at Mikrocentrum in Veldhoven.

The Martin van den Brink Award is a distinguished prize that recognizes outstanding contributions in the field of the high-tech systems industry. The purpose of the award is to highlight the significance of system architecture for the success of the Dutch high-tech systems industry and to emphasize the leading role that the Netherlands. The award is named after the esteemed chief product and technology officer of ASML and was first established in 2012. Henny is the fourth person to receive this special award.
We congratulate Henny Spaan with this well-deserved recognition of his technical expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, and constant pursuit of innovation and precision. He has had a lasting impact on precision technology and metrology and his dedication to the field and ability to push boundaries have made him a respected pioneer, whose achievements and contributions are recognised and appreciated both in the Netherlands and internationally.
The main organizer of the award ceremony was the Dutch Society for Precision Engineering (DSPE) in collaboration with cooperation partner Mikrocentrum. The award ceremony brought together about 220 participants from the industry and knowledge institutions to celebrate this event. The jury members of the Martin van den Brink Award are Martin van den Brink (ASML), Jos Benschop (ASML), Pieter Kappelhof (Hittech), Adrian Rankers (Mechatronics Academy), and Hans Krikhaar (Dutch Society for Precision Engineering & Fontys Hogeschool). Previous recipients of the Martin van den Brink Award were Erik Loopstra (2012), Jan Van Eijk (2016) and Marco Wieland (2018).
As DSPE we appreciated the presence of (Phd) students from Technische Universiteit EindhovenTU DelftUniversity of Twente, and Fontys Hogeschool during the award ceremony. It is highly relevant and inspiring to involve students and young professionals in our community of precision engineers.

The litho award was presented by Nederlands Steendruk Museum Valkenswaard.


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