NEWS 25 January 2024

DSPE Symposium 2024

Following up on earlier successful editions, we are organizing the 6th edition of the DSPE Symposium on Opto-mechatronics for October 8, 2024 at Mikrocentrum in Veldhoven.

For this edition, we have chosen the theme ‘Opto-mechatronics meets Electron Optics’

Opto-mechatronics is used in a wide variety of optical systems. In the previous editions, the focus of the Opto-mechatronics symposium was mainly on optical systems using light, such as optical microscopes and optical lithography systems based on light sources, mirrors and lenses.

In this edition, we want to focus on systems based on electron beam and ion beam optics. These  complex opto-mechatronics systems with great resolving power, are used in multiple applications, like electron-microscopes, electron or ion beam lithography systems and tools for pico-meter level ion beam figuring.

Topics to be considered are single and multibeam technology, alignment strategies for electron optics, electromagnetic shielding, cryogenic and vacuum requirements, thermal stability, dynamic performance, and material selection.

With kind regards and looking forward to meet you in October 2024,

The organizing committee DSPE Opto-mechatronics Symposium:

Cor Ottens, Pieter Kappelhof, Stefan Bäumer, Hans Vermeulen, Nandini Bhattacharya, Julie van Stiphout


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