NEWS 23 June 2022

Decreasing stiffness at the cost of emerging hysteresis

Minimising power dissipation is critical for applications in cryogenic environments.

Experimental results show that the guiding stiffness, and with that the associated motor-current-induced dissipation, of a voice-coil-actuated positioning stage can be significantly decreased using a stiffness-compensation mechanism, as demonstrated by JPE in this Mikroniek article. However, as expected, the contribution of hysteresis from the compensation mechanism becomes noticeable in the force-displacement graph. (Image courtesy of JPE).


Lunch Lecture November hosted by…

Integrated controller and topology optimization for precision motion systems

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Knowledge day Molecular Contamination Control

Date November 3 2022, 13:00-17:00 hours, Location TNO Delft

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Fourfold ECP2 Bronze

This summer, four people were awarded a Bronze certificate from ECP2, a European certified precision engineering course programme that is a collaboration between euspen and DSPE.

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