NEWS 8 December 2022

By bus to the fair

In an era when the Netherlands plays a key role in the global high-tech industry, connecting well-educated engineers of the future with leading companies is more important than ever.

That is exactly what DSPE aimed to do during the second day of the Precision Fair. Buses were arranged to accommodate transportation to the fair for students from the student associations Dispuut Taylor (Delft University of Technology) and Isaac Newton (University of Twente). Approximately 110 students visited the fair through this initiative.

The buses were sponsored by specialist in low-flow fluidics handling technology Bronkhorst (Twente) and high-end technology developer and producer Demcon (Delft and Twente). Their representatives had ample opportunity to talk to the students and get them enthused about the kind of career a mechanical engineer can expect in this field. Lunch for the students was also provided by the two companies and VDL ETG, which gave them the opportunity to show their stand demonstrators to the students.

DSPE would like to thank the sponsors and the students for taking part in this activity with great enthusiasm and interest.


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