NEWS 28 February 2023

A mechatronic Machine Learning case

To date, Machine Learning (ML) has found only relatively limited implementation in high-end mechatronic systems. To test its capabilities in a real industrial application, the challenging case of friction estimation was investigated.

A model was developed for predicting frictional properties of linear ball bearings, for very small displacements, as explained in this Mikroniek article. The resulting ML model performed well during training and validation, but rather less so in stand-alone operation. ML is a promising tool for friction estimation, but clearly there is room for improvement in algorithm development. (Image courtesy of Jorn Veenendaal)


Lunch Lecture April hosted by…

Spatial Gaussian process repetitive control for suppressing spatial disturbances in an industrial substrate carrier.

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Marc Gritter new chairman YPN

Since I will be joining the board of YPN to work together with Matthijs and Maurits, I would like to introduce myself to you. I’m Marc Gritter, a 27 year old mechanical engineer at IBS Precision Engineering.

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Additive manufacturing update

The news about additive manufacturing (AM) was buzzing in the run-up to, during and in the aftermath of the leading fair in this area, Formnext 2022, which attracted nearly 30,000 visitors in Frankfurt (Germany) last November.

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