NEWS 23 February 2022

A level sensor for the semiconductor industry

In a proof-of-concept study, Hittech Multin successfully designed and built a cost-efficient level sensor, specifically aimed at semiconductor applications, using mostly off-the-shelf parts and a self-developed processing algorithm.

The target measurement stability was 50 nm. Experiments on a 300-mm wafer showed a short-term instability between 6.4 nm and 10E2 nm, at the centre and the edge of the measurement range, respectively. Read all about it in this Mikroniek article. The next research stage will focus on bringing stability performance within specification throughout the entire range. Finally, the sensor’s ability to also measure wafer tilt (Rx and Ry), for counteracting tilt-dependent wafer height measurement errors, will be investigated. (Image courtesy of Hittech Multin)


Picometer drift and microrad reproducibility

At the end of May, Settels Savenije hosted a DSPE Knowledge Day dedicated to challenges in nanometrology.

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Order of frictions and stiffnesses…

For lumped systems consisting of different frictions and stiffnesses, there has been confusion in literature about hysteresis curves and virtual play for many decades.

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Make it clean

In mid-April, the second edition of the Manufacturing Technology Conference and the fifth edition of the Clean Event were held together, for the first time, at the Koningshof in Veldhoven (NL).

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