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YPN visits Heidenhain 2017 – visitors Report

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YPN is part of the Dutch Society for Precision Engineering and aims to bring young and enthusiastic engineers in the field of precision technique together. A major part is the organization of visits to interesting companies that are free of charge.
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YPN visit to Heidenhain NL

March 30, 2017



On the 30th of March, YPN paid a visit to Dr. Johannes Heidenhain, Ede, during the Demoweek 2017.

After a warm welcome in a German styled bar, Jan Sturre (Sales Manager) started his presentation about the limits and possibilities of optical encoders. After the theory of different optical encoder principles with their advantages and disadvantages, Jan got into more detail of digital interpolation. Furthermore, the definitions and boundaries of resolution, accuracy and precision were discussed.
A few case-study demos were shown during a tour: the robustness against severe scale contaminations, the effect of sensor location and repeatability on a screw-drive due to thermal lengthening of a spindle, and an air-bearing guided linear stage, being able to measure sub-nanometres inflicted by disturbances from the environment.
Finally, this interesting afternoon ended with a Bavarian buffet and time for networking.

YPN would like to thank Heidenhain, and in particular Jan Sturre as host of the day, for the hospitality and the inspiring visit.



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