How to get a digital Mikroniek subscription

DSPE supports the following subscription types:

1. You have already a personal membership or you’re an employer / student of a DSPE member. This will gives you automatic access to the digital mikroniek.

Register an account with your company or student emailaddress

Or sent a mail to They will check the DSPE membership details of your employer. If there is a valid subscription your account will be modified so that you can read the digital mikroniek. This will take place within 5 working days.

2. You want to order a digital subscription via for your personal account

Check the steps below for instructions how to order a digital subscription.

How to order a digital subscription:

Before you can purchase a subscription, you must register an account. The subscription will be linked to your emailaddress.

Step 1:
Register an account at by choosing the option “I want to order a digital subscription..

Step 2:

Log in and go to A bar will be displayed at the top if you do not yet have a valid subscription. Click on the link to purchase and pay for a digital subscription.

Step 3:

You have now an account with a digital subscription, enjoy reading our digital mikroniek at


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