Advisory board

We are pleased the following persons are part of our Adivisory Board:

Jan van Eijk (Mice)

Just Herder (TU Delft)
Jos Benschop (ASML)
Dennis Schipper (Demcon)
Jan van den Brink (Frencken Europe)
Hans Duisters (Sioux)
Guustaaf Savenije (VDL ETG)
Egbert-Jan Sol (TNO)
Maarten Steinbuch (TUe)
Cor Heijwegen (Hittech Group)
Marc Hendrikse (NTS Group)
Henny Spaan (IBS)
Frank de Jong (FEI)
Robert Hartman (ASML)


Mikroniek April issue: (Soft) Robotics

The April issue of Mikroniek, click here for a first impression, is to a large extent devoted to the theme of (soft) robotics. The robot designs described include a surgical...

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Mikroniek April: Thermal issues and…

The forthcoming Mikroniek issue, click here for a first impression, will appear on 1 July. It is in part dedicated to mechatronic system design & control, featuring a treatise on...

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