Advisory board

We are pleased the following persons are part of our Adivisory Board:

Jan van Eijk (Mice)

Just Herder (TU Delft)
Jos Benschop (ASML)
Dennis Schipper (Demcon)
Jan van den Brink (Frencken Europe)
Hans Duisters (Sioux)
Guustaaf Savenije (VDL ETG)
Egbert-Jan Sol (TNO)
Maarten Steinbuch (TUe)
Cor Heijwegen (Hittech Group)
Marc Hendrikse (HTSM)
Henny Spaan (IBS)
Frank de Jong (FEI)
Robert Hartman (ASML)


DSPE and Mikrocentrum intensify their…

Precision community for the high-tech and manufacturing industries.

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This is the Tech Cafe

New event! DSPE and Mikrocentrum are organizing this event together on April 28. This first edition of this informal meeting starts at 15:30 at its Veldhoven location.

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3 Day course October 2022…

The course focuses on the mechanical and mechatronic design for optical systems and is intended for mechanical, mechatronic and optical engineers involved in optomechanical system design.

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