NEWS 16 December 2022

Molecular contamination control enables the ‘big enabler’ – vacuum

Chemical or molecular contaminants are harmful in vacuum applications because they disturb the operation, which can lead to lower production yield or faulty measurements.

For example. Molecular contamination can be prevented by using suitable materials and clean gases, and by ensuring that parts are properly cleaned, manufactured, assembled and inspected. These issues were the focus of the DSPE Knowledge Day Molecular Contamination Control, hosted by TNO in early November. The report of the event in this Mikroniek article features presentations from the semicon, space and analytical industries, as well as a tour of TNO research facilities, including the advanced EBL2 (EUV Beam Line 2). (Image courtesy of Thermo Fisher Scientific)


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ASML has established the House of Re-use. To contribute to a circular economy model, fewer new parts are designed and the re-use of used parts is increased with a goal of more than 95 percent of re-used parts in 2025.

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Bond3D’s unique 3D-printing technology has vastly expanded the application scope of PEEK.

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