NEWS 17 January 2024

Lunch lecture February hosted by Hittech Multin

Productie tooling and a qualificatie framework.

As a systems supplier, Hittech Multin has developed their own software framework in order to streamline their Qualification Tooling (QTools). A QTool is a custom-made system to test if a product is assembled correctly and meets all the requirements.

High complexity production and QTools

Hittech Multin assembles high precision mechatronic modules and systems for the semiconductor and analytical market. Market trends show that the complexity of these products is continuously increasing. At the same time quality demands from our clients also growing significantly, e.g. stricter cleanliness tolerances, higher traceability and zero-defect expectations etc. For example, some clients demand a frequency response analysis of actuators or a full electrical connectivity check to be done post-assembly. Parts of the electronics, sensor systems and software required for these procedures are somewhat product in dependent, allowing them to be re-used.

Software Framework

The lunch lecture will present the Multin Qualification Framework (MQF), which provides a reusable structure for our QTool software. MQF allows for software features such as the User Interface and exporting Test Reports to be easily re-used for new tools but it also provides methods to re-use known sensor systems. For example, extending a procedure to also record the temperature can be done in an almost Lego-like fashion. But also more complicated procedures like measuring the frequency response, can be added with similar ease. During the lecture I will explain why our framework consists of a Python and a MATLAB part as well as give some insights into some key design choices for our QTools.

Speaker: Casper van Wezel Software Engineer at Hittech Multin

This digital lunch lecture will start on: February 5 at 12:02pm (Teams meeting and only for members of the DSPE)

Please send an email to if you are interested in this Lunch lecture.


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