NEWS 28 April 2022

Addressing the challenge of agri-food variability

Robots have been extremely successful in the past decades, for instance in the car industry, and have also entered the agri-food production chain.

However, current robot technology is no match to human workers when it comes to dealing with variation and flexibility. The NWO Perspective programme FlexCraft addresses the scientific challenge of how to deal with large variations in shape, size and softness of agri-food products in combination with variations in environment and tasks in a robust way. This Mikroniek article describes how FlexCraft aims to equip robot technology with generic capabilities in active perception, world modelling, planning and control, and gripping and manipulation. (Photo courtesy of FlexCraft)


This is the Techcafé

The first edition of the Tech cafe was a success. It was a great collaboration between the DSPE and the Mikrocentrum.

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ECP2 courses offer benefits to…

Gert van Ooik, principal system designer mechatronics at Sioux Technologies in Eindhoven (NL), has been awarded the Bronze certificate from the ECP2 programme.

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New Modern National Vocational School

Last year, Stef Vink was appointed director-administrator of the Leidse instrumentmakers School (LiS).

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