Program DSPE Conference 2023

Tuesday September 26

09.30Arrival and coffee
10.00Welcome by Marc Vermeulen, conference chair
10.10Guest speaker (in request)
11.15Guest speaker (in request)
12.00Plenary introduction of demonstrations & posters
12.10Lunch/ Visit to demonstrations & posters

Afternoon sessions

Chairman: Kees Verbaan

SESSION 1 System Design – 1 

Next Generation Microsurgery
Martijn Chartrou, Microsure and Richard van Lieshout, MTA
14.30Multi pipette placement head
Rik van der Burg, Kulicke & Soffa
14.50EUV energy efficiency
Theo Thijssen, ASML
15.10 Break / Visit to demonstrations & posters

SESSION 2 Sensing

15.40Next level flow controller combines the best of Thermal- and Pressure- based flow control
Gert Jan Snijders, Bronkhorst High Tech
16.00Low-noise, high bandwidth acquisition and tracking sensor for Airborne Laser CommunicationTerminal
Max Geljon, TNO
16.20Measuring paper deformation in real time
René van Acquoij, Canon Production Printing
16.40 Break / Visit to demonstrations & posters

SESSION 3 Piezoelectric actuation     

17.40Piezoelectric vibration suppression in a large stroke flexure hinge
Bram Seinhorst, University of Twente
18.00Metamaterials for integrated active damping and vibration isolation in mechatronic applications
Marcin Kaczmarek, Delft University of Technology
18.20New wafer stage architecture based on piezoelectric actuators with highly variable stiffness
Ron de Bruijn, Technical University of Eindhoven
19.30 Beer, dinner and social event

Wednesday September 27

Morning sessions

Chairman: Adrian Rankers

08.30Integrated Photonics for a Sustainable Information Society

Integrated photonics has become a relevant technology in the broad set of semiconductor technologies. Alternatively known as optical chips, in integrated photonics optical functionalities, such as lasers, modulators, photodetectors, filters and waveguides, are integrated together on a semiconductor substrate, into a photonic integrated circuit.
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Martijn Heck, Full Professor Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven Hendrik Casimir Institute
09.20 Break / Visit to demonstrations & posters

SESSION 4 Precision Mechanics

09.40Design of a High Stiffness, High Repeatability Kinematic Coupling
Robin Trines, JPE Janssen Precision Engineering
10.00Design of a Tunable Resonant Scanning Mirror
Jiajin Li, Hittech Multin
10.20Particle contamination transport at low pressure
Dmitri Shestakov, VDL ETG
10.40 Break / Visit to demonstrations & posters

SESSION 5 Thermomechanics

11.00Thermal contact conductance: relation between surface topography and heat transfer
Joris Oosterhuis, Philips Engineering Solutions
11.20Thermal path optimization between cryocooler and sample
Rens van Alebeek, ThermoFisher Scientific
11.40Pitfalls in the experimental and numerical validation of a forced air cooling heat sink
Bart Koolmees, NTS-Group
12.00 Lunch / Visit to demonstrations & posters

Afternoon sessions

Chairman: Richard van Lieshout

SESSION 6 Modelling and Control      

14.00Model Based Systems Engineering coupled with Model Based Design
Pieter de Jong, Philips Engineering Solutions
The role of VR and digital twins in the system design of mechatronic medical devices
Jesper Huijgens and Martijn Wijns, Sioux
14.40Physics–Guided Neural Networks for Feedforward Control: with application to an industrial linear motor
Nard Strijbosch, IBS
15.00 Break / Visit to demonstrations & posters

SESSION 7 System Design-2

The HD-DCM – a high-performance precision-mechatronicsinstrument for synchrotron X-ray beamlines
Ricardo Caliari and Marcelo Moraes, Technical University of Eindhoven
15.40Modular Wafer Handler Platform
Joost Lobbezoo, VDL ETG
16.00Integrating APT on TEM
Hugo van Leeuwen, ThermoFisher Scientific
16.20 Break / Visit to demonstrations & posters
16.30 Best contribution award & closing

Posters / Demonstrations

University of TwenteM. Naves, M. Nijenhuis, B. Seinhorst, W.B.J. Hakvoort, D.M. BrouwerFlex: flexure-based hexapod for large range of motion
Delft University of TechnologyJette Bloemberg, Fabian Trauzettel, Dimitra Dodou, Aimée Sakes, Paul BreedveldDesign of an MRI-compatible, wasp-inspired needle for prostate cancer treatment
Technical University of EindhovenJohan Kon, Dennis Bruijnen, Jeroen van de Wijdeven, Marcel Heertjes, Tom Oomen  Learning for Precision Motion of Mechatronic Systems: Add-on Physics-Guided Neural Network Feedforward Control
Technical University of EindhovenHaoyuan Li, Jeroen van Duivenbode, Elena A. Lomonova  Modelling of static and dynamic effects of the PZT multilayer piezo actuator
University of TwenteSil Spanjer, R. Grootkarzijn, W.B.J. HakvoortMechatronic considerations on replacing a force frame with a virtual balance mass
Delft University of TechnologyA. Natu, Marcin Kaczmarek, S.H. HosseinNiaOveractuation in compliant motion stages using distributed piezoelectric transducers
ASMLJake PlatzASML Adopts a Circular Economy  
Canon production printingClemens WeijkampCanon Elevated Printing Technology
Tech4GreenTom BijnagteDesign and realisation of a high speed circular nut cracker
ThermoFisher ScientificRonald Lamers, Maurice Limpens, N. Hernandez Rodriguez20 K Vibration-Free Cold Battery
Technical University of EindhovenLars Janssen, B. Besselink, R.H.B. Fey, N. van de Wouw, D. KostićAn efficient Top-Down Redesign Approach: Translating System Specifications into Subsystem Requirements
SiouxCaspar Gruijthuijsen, Lense Swaenen, Daan Nieuwenhuizen, Mark van den Broek, Hans KuppensExploring the benefits of adaptive model-based control techniques for low-cost systems
SiouxJesper Huijgens, Rob HendriksenReducing cost and shortening time to market by embracing holistic engineering  
Technical University of EindhovenMax van Meer, Gert Witvoet, Tom Oomen    Reducing Torque Ripple in Switched Reluctance Motors  
ASMLJaap Kooijman, Frank Kouwenberg, Gerrit van der StraatenEvery Kilogram counts! 
Canon production printingMark RietbergenSimulation model for the tracking of flat belts
SiouxLennart Blanken, Max van Haren, Hans Kuppens, Tom OomenLearning of physics-based feedforwards for position-dependent motion systems
TNO ESIRoland MathijssenExperiences with online learning platforms for systems engineering
VDL ETGMaikel Bruin, Kristof Vandenrijd, Saeede GhorbanpourWelding Simulation
TUeLeontine Aarnoudse, N. Strijbosch, P. Tacx, E. Verschueren, T. OomenCommutation-angle domain iterative learning control: Learning waveforms for piezo stepper actuator
TUeLeontine Aarnoudse, T. Oomen(Machine) learning for feedforward in precision mechatronics
Delft University of TechnologyAli Amoozandeh Nobaveh, G. Radaelli, Just HerderA compliant zero stiffness revolute joint
Technical University of EindhovenMax van Haren, Leonid Mirkin, Lennart Blanken,Tom OomenFRF Identification Above the Nyquist Frequency
NTS-GroupJohn TimmermansUltra-sensitive RGA system
ThermoFisher ScientificJelle Tosseram, R. Lamers, J. Theeuwes, M. van WensveenModel based drift compensation after sample load
Technical University of EindhovenKoen Classens, Maurice Heemels, Tom OomenFault Diagnosis for High-Tech Precision Mechatronics
TUePaul Tacx, Matthijs Teurlings, Roel Habraken, Gert Witvoet, Marcel Heertjes, Tom OomenMechanical Models for Advanced Motion Control