Mechatronic design for high-temperature operation

Ruud Bons and Alex de Leth

Bron:Mikroniek 2010-5

Technobis Mechatronics has developed and manufactured three mechatronic handling units for harsh environments. These units are part of breakthrough technological development operated by RGS Development, a company founded by Dutch energy research centre ECN, Deutsche Solar and Sunergy Investco, to come to a direct silicon wafer casting process (called Ribbon-Growth-on-Substrate (RGS) wafer casting). As part of this process development a prototype/test machine had to be developed and built in co-operation with technology partners, to find solutions to the challenges that had to be overcome in the translation of the RGS process from the batch-type laboratory-scale towards continuous operation. On the downstream side of the process, Technobis Mechatronics contributed its expertise on highaccuracy, high-speed mechatronics solutions that can be applied in harsh environments.



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