DSPE Conference 2020

September 8,9 in 2020


Februari 1, 2020 deadline for short abstract submission


This year's theme "Uncover the Essence" is the challenge or assignment that each of us is working on, either in a direct or an indirect way. The essence might have different meanings depending on the context.


One might for example be researching the fundamental phenomena of a particular topic such as particle contamination or developing an improved control scheme based on iterative learning control. However, Precision Engineering and Mechatronics incl. the devices developed on the basis of the underlying knowledge base is also an important enabler for uncovering the essence of life, climate and even the cosmos. Without electron microscopes, satellites, healthcare devices and semiconductor equipment to enable the required computing power these studies would not be possible. 5G supported precision harvesting robots will contribute to the essential food production for the growing world population and medical precision robotics can for example help to reach the goals of VISION 2020 (a joint programme of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) for the elimination of avoidable blindness.


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