prof. M.P. Koster Award

Biannual the works of an expert, active for many years in precision engineering is awarded by the prof M.P. Koster award. Its an all works price (oeuvre) with clear results, internally and externally seen and the winner pass on enthusiasm to colleagues, has design competence, is creativity, works on image of profession, made publications, Is a person who likes to Collaborate and shares his knowledge.


Ceremony Rien Koster Award 2017 Due to circumstances the Award Ceremony has been cancelled.







Winner of the Rien Koster Award 2015 is Peter Rutgers

The Rien Koster Award is given to a mechatronics engineer/designer who has made a significant contribution to the field of mechatronics and precision engineering. The award was handed out for the seventh time on Wednesday, 18 November 2015, and this time the focus was on the depth and breadth of the mechatronic design discipline. On behalf of the judges chaired by Ton Peijnenburg, Manager Systems Engineering at VDL ETG,Peter Rutgers, Technical Director of Demcon, was presented with the Rien Koster Award for his in-depth insight as well as the creativity, vigour, practical skills and openness he exhibits as a mechatronic designer.


Winner of the 2015 Rien Koster Award Peter Rutgers, flanked on the right by Rien Koster whom the award is named. On the left, Hans Krikhaar, Chairman of initiator DSPE, shows the trophy associated with the award. (Photo: Jan Pasman/Mikrocentrum)



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