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This website in an initiative of the DSPE, Dutch Society for Precision Engineering. The development of the site was financed by contributions of our members and subsidies. The content consists of an overview of the DSPE members it's activities and a knowledge base with in depth technical articles.


This website is maintained by the DSPE.

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The information on this webiste in intended for any interested reader, but specifically those active in the field of precision engineering. The core of the site is the knowledgebase which contains a database of technical articles from for example the Fotonica magazine and Mikroniek. In addition to that more in-depth information can be found about knowledge related to our Special Interest Groups (SIG). These groups as well as the PIB and YPN are intended to stimulate networking amongst DSPE members.


How you can contribute

The knowledge shared on this website is based on it's community. If you have suggestions or additions in the form of e.g. articles, please contact us by sending an email to


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