Vice-Chairman Jaap Verkerk deceased

Vice-Chairman Jaap Verkerk deceased

11 July 2016

We received the sad news that our former vice-Chairman Jaap Verkerk is deceased. For 11 years (1988-1999) Jaap de NVPT led with passion (NVPT later called DSPE). We wish his family a lot of strength.


Word of our Chairman:

I was shocked to hear that Jaap has passed away. In 1996 Jaap came to visit me and asked me whether I would take over the chairmanship of the NVPT. For 11 years Jaap had the leadership of the NVPT and brought Mikroniek to a high level. Also the PTjaarboek (Precision Technology Year Book) was of his hand and very popular. It is my honor to be his successor. I have learnt that Jaap had great integrity, wisdom and vision. In the years after, he kept on supporting the NVPT, which name was internationalized into DSPE. Jaap's conrtibution to the NVPT created the building blocks we needed to build the DSPE. We are Jaap very grateful and personally I will miss the warm chats we had about our DSPE.

Hans Krikhaar