Nominate your best graduate before 7 September 2017

16 November 2017

The Wim van der Hoek Award is an annual prize awarded to the student with the best graduation

project in the field of mechanical engineering.

We are requesting technical universities and colleges in the Netherlands and Flanders to submit their students' graduation reports before 7 September. An expert jury will then review the reports and select a winner.

The winner will receive 1,000 euros, an original trophy and a framed certificate.


The prize is intended to bring greater attention to the area of design in mechanical engineering.
The name of the prize refers to Emeritus Professor Wim van der Hoek, who from 1962 to 1985 laid the foundations for the unique Dutch method of design in mechanical engineering at TU Eindhoven.


Graduation reports from the academic year 2016/2017 may be submitted if the graduation date is between 1 September, 2016, and 31 July, 2017.
The criteria used when assessing the graduation reports include quality of design, substantiation and innovation, as well as the possibility of being used as an example in the book Constructieprincipes.
Candidates should be nominated by their supervisor or professor.


The trophy has been manufactured by TU/e and Leiden Instrument Makers School LiS; the prize money is offered by 4TU Center High Tech Systems.


The jury
The 2017 jury consists of:
Chairman Jos Gunsing (MaromeTech)
Johan Vervoort (Vervos)

Maurice Teuwen (Janssen Precision Engineering)

Wouter Vogelesang (VH Consult)

Marc Vermeulen (ASML)

Hans Steijaert (VDL ETG)


Submission and review
Please send the following information about the nominee before 7 September to
1. Digital copy of their graduation report
2. Profile of the nominee, including a description of his/her skills and personality (max.
250 words)
3. Passport photo in colour
4. Telephone number and email address for the communications contact person from the nominee's educational institution. Please explain clearly what we may and may not mention in DSPE's communications.


At you can read more about previous winners and what the jury is looking for.


The ceremony for the Wim van der Hoek Design Engineer Prize 2017 will take place on Thursday, 16 November, 2017, at 16:15 on the last day of the Precisiebeurs Precision Fair in Veldhoven.
The nominees, their parents, supervisors and fellow students are cordially invited.


Jos Gunsing
Annemarie Schrauwen